"" Awesome DIY Projects: June 2016


DIY idea : A couple of old rusty metal barrels

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Some old rusty metal barrels can be transformed into works of smiling fine art with a layer of paint.

Do-it-yourself : A Cute Chrysanthemum Clock From Plastic Spoons

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Need a cheap mirror design? Decorate a plain looking glass with plastic spoons. Merely follow the infographic and I'm sure it will come out amazing!

How to make a clothespin 4th of July wreath

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I love how this wreath turned out. I actually keep this wreath up through the whole summer. I'm always a little sad when it's time to take it down and put up my fall wreath.

DIY Esay to make Tie Dye children's Shoes

To help make the put dye effect is really really simple! All you do is squirt on the several colors and since the shoe damp the colors spread out to offer you the dye...

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